Grilling Guide

Tips for times and temperatures.

Grilling times, temperatures, and instructions are automatically calculated based on the size and desired doneness of your food.



Keep track of your grill.

Easily manage multiple items on your grill with simultaneous timers. With a swipe and a tap, you can quickly start, stop, and add extra time.


Flip Reminder

Get background notifications.

No need to hang around the grill. GrillTime runs in the background and notifies you when its time to flip or remove your food from the grill.

This is THE best grill timer. The reminder to flip is priceless and it's great I can have multiple timers.

App Store Review

"Why risk the chance of not grilling to perfection when you can have a sidekick that lets you know when to flip the burgers?"


"This is why I carry a smartphone...so I can spend less time thinking about what's on the grill and more time drinking & visiting with friends."

App Store Review

Your sidekick is waiting.

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